Daily Roundup: December 27, 2011

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  1. You described a lot of the dtiael and information that was in the picture. One picture tells you a lot of info. @ Loren- I liked your writing because all of your information was correct and you described Sally very well.@ Travis- You described Mitchell very well and all of your writing matches the picture.@ Clancy- You described Steve very well in your writing. You could write down his facial expressions and his jump clearly which is a pro in writing.@ Kayley- Your writing about Sally was very interesting. I found it fasanating that you could tell what Sally was saying in her head.@ Iesha- Your writing was very descriptive and I really liked your heading, I see London, I see Gold’. It was quite entertaining.@ Tyler- I really liked your writing because you choose an Aussie Olympian, but two Great Britain Athletes. Your writing was really descriptive to me.@ Sophie- I liked your writing because you put a lot of effort in to it and it turned out really nicely.My dad has taken a very cool photo of the sunset in Fiji before. It was very pretty because you could see the glistening ocean and lovely sunset.Got to go,Millie

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