It’s Pens vs Caps in Round 2 Under Newly-Inked Coach Bylsma

Both the Washington Capitals and the Carolina Hurricanes won Game 7 of their respective series’ showdown on Tuesday night to advance to the Eastern Conference Semi-Final round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs along with the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Boston Bruins.  As a result, the #4 Pittsburgh Penguins will meet up with the #2 Washington Capitals who will have the home ice advantage and the #1 Boston Bruins will host the #6 Carolina Hurricanes.  The schedules have been released by the NHL, and it looks like this:

Saturday, May 2 at Washington, 1:00 p.m. NBC, CBC, RDS
Monday, May 4 at Washington, 7:00 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS
Wednesday, May 6 at Pittsburgh, 7:00 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS
Friday, May 8 at Pittsburgh, 7:00 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS
*Saturday, May 9 at Washington, 7:00 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS
*Monday, May 11 at Pittsburgh, TBD VERSUS, CBC, RDS
*Wednesday, May 13 at Washington, 7:00 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS


In other news, Pittsburgh Penguins’ General Manager took the short respite to ink a long term deal with Dan Bylsma to remove the “interim” from the Head Coach title that he now carries.  The details of the deal have not been disclosed, other than to identify that a multi-year contract had been awarded.  In announcing the deal Ray Shero said, “It just became more and more evident to me that Dan was the guy that I wanted to move forward with.  So why wait?  Timing-wise it was the right thing to do for Dan and his family.  With a few days off in-between rounds, it was the right time for our team.  It’s very well deserved.  Three values that are very important to me for this organization are:  work ethic, accountability and passion,” Shero went on to say.  “Dan and his staff have certainly brought that.  For me, personally, it’s made it a real fun place to come to work for the last couple of months with the play of the team, the locker room, the players, our training staff and our coaching staff.  I think it’s been a very good fit so far.  When I made a coaching change, one of the things I was looking for was someone that could grow with this team,” Shero continued.  “He is certainly the guy to do that.  I believe with this team, our best days are ahead of us.  Dan, as a head coach in the National Hockey League, his best days are ahead of him.  I think it’s been a good fit.”

Congratulations Coach Bylsma, now let’s go beat the Caps!

Philadelphia Flyers v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Two

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  1. Absolutely a great fit. The team has really gone the way of the Phoenix, rising out of the ashes of what was looking like a dismal season. They’ve progressed a great deal in a short a mount of time, and while there is still room for improvement, both the players and the coach know it. The Caps-Pens match-up will be electrifying, and for that matter, I think the same could be said about the Bruins-‘Canes. Gotta love post-season!!

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