New Rbk EDGE Uniform System

Accoring to the Pittsburgh Penguins, they will unveil the new Rbk EDGE uniform at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, September 5th, at the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills in Tarentum, PA.  Ryan Whitney, Ryan Malone and Maxime Talbot are expected to be on hand for the official unveiling. 

All NHL teams have adopted the cutting edge new Rbk EDGE Uniform System for the coming season,  and have been incrementally unveiling them at various events around the league.   The new uniforms have been specifically designed for the NHL player with technologically-enhanced materials and fabrics to be more breathable, more water-resistant, more comfortable and more compatible with NHL equipment.  The Penguins’ logo and colors remain unchanged, although there reportedly will be some modifications to the striping, the shoulder areas, the pants and the socks.

The following photographs of the purported new uniform appear to be authentic, however, staff have been unable to authenticate whether they are the real design, or just a concept.  We will find out for sure next Wednesday. 

Crosby Home Uniform
Malkin Away Jersey

4 Responses to New Rbk EDGE Uniform System

  1. R. Tolliver says:

    If this is the new uniform, I like the looks of it, although it would be nice to see how it looks on the players.

  2. Mr Papa says:

    they do look nice… of course, the Red Wings look better… :wink:

  3. Paul says:

    Hey now, thems fighting words :).

  4. T-pain says:

    I was reading that the pens players said they get to wet. They sure look cool. the red wings is ugly

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