NHLPens.com Restored

If you attempted to visit www.NHLPens.com yesterday, you were likely surpised to find an anti-Bush splash page instead.  This site and my personal family blog were the subject of a webpage hacker attack that replaced my normal blog pages with anti-Bush propaganda.  The attack did nothing more than place their propaganda on my pages so that anyone who attempted to visit yesterday would see the hacker’s propaganda message instead of the NHLPens.com content that you would normally see. 

Unfortunately, I did not become aware of the hijacking of the site until late last night when I checked in on the websites after leaving for a family vacation yesterday morning.  Operating from my laptop, I did not have all of my normal website maintenance tools and backup material at my fingertips, so I was not able to get the site back online until this morning. 

If you tried to visit yesterday, I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. 

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