NHLPens.com Uses PicApp

Recently we started using PicApp (http://www.picapp.com) to serve up quality, professional photographs here at NHLPens.com.  PicApp is a FREE service that enables us to display images taken by some of the worlds best photographers and agencies like Getty Images.  PicApp has millions of photos to choose from that are updated continuously with new, relevant images (for example, in-game hockey photos are usually available right after the game is complete!).  The beauty of PicApp is you can use the images without having to worry about copyright infringement or paying large licensing fees that are unaffordable for the average hobbyist blogger, like myself.  PicApp does this by including a small, inobtrusive ad at the bottom of each image.  If you run a blog, I recommend you take a look at PicApp as a way to “pretty up” your posts with relevent professional photography.  The following are two examples of PicApp imagery taken at the Olympics today:

Beijing During The Olympic Games
Olympics Day 7 - Swimming

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